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-# the buzzert screen locker
+# The buzzert screen locker
This is a graphical screen locker for X11, for use in conjunction with
[XSecureLock](https://github.com/google/xsecurelock). It uses PAM for authentication,
so you can use it with your Yubikey/fingerprint scanner, etc. as well.
-![buzzlocker screenshot](screenshots/buzzlocker.png "buzzlocker")
+![”achelocker” screenshot](../plain/screenshots/achelocker.png "achelocker")
## Building
@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ ninja -C build
## Installing
By building buzzlocker by itself, you'll end up with a binary called `auth_buzzlocker`.
This is meant to be used in conjunction with [XSecureLock](https://github.com/google/xsecurelock),
which does all the heavy-lifting with regards to properly locking an X session and ensuring other
@@ -43,3 +44,6 @@ If you have multiple monitors, buzzlocker will appear only on whatever the prima
to XRandR). If you want to override this behavior, set the environment variable `BUZZLOCKER_MONITOR_NUM`
to whichever monitor you wish to have buzzlocker appear on.
+## Copyrigth
+The original project is from [buzzert](https://github.com/buzzert/buzzlocker), which I adapt for myself.
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