The buzzert screen locker

This is a graphical screen locker for X11, for use in conjunction with XSecureLock. It uses PAM for authentication, so you can use it with your Yubikey/fingerprint scanner, etc. as well.

”achelocker” screenshot


This project uses the Meson build system:

meson build
ninja -C build


By building buzzlocker by itself, you'll end up with a binary called auth_buzzlocker. This is meant to be used in conjunction with XSecureLock, which does all the heavy-lifting with regards to properly locking an X session and ensuring other windows cannot steal focus or cause the locker to disappear somehow. It also handles secure keyboard input to make sure key events don't get delivered to applications in the background.

If you run auth_buzzlocker by itself, you can preview what the screen locker looks like in windowed-form. If you want to use buzzlocker as your screen locker with XSecureLock, all you need to do is set the XSECURELOCK_AUTH environment variable to point to auth_buzzlocker.

So you might want to do: 1. sudo ninja -C build install 2. XSECURELOCK_AUTH=/usr/local/bin/auth_buzzlocker xsecurelock

If you want to make it permanent, edit /etc/environment to include this line:


So every time you run xsecurelock by itself, it will use buzzlocker as the GUI.


If you have multiple monitors, buzzlocker will appear only on whatever the primary monitor is (according to XRandR). If you want to override this behavior, set the environment variable BUZZLOCKER_MONITOR_NUM to whichever monitor you wish to have buzzlocker appear on.


The original project is from buzzert, which I adapt for myself.