NameDescriptionOwnerIdle website's source code 6 months
awesome⚙️ Awesome WM configuration files 4 months
cheat-sheetHumm, well, don't talk about it ! 4 months
cv👍 I'm great for the job 👍 4 months
davy🌏 Webdav client/server WIP 🚧 👷 3 months
emoji-csv🤩 My personnel emoji's short-codes :emoji: 7 months
euler🗜️ Project Euler archive repository 4 months
fish⚙️ Fish shell configuration files 🐟 🐚 ⚙️ 📁 9 weeks
libkyf👍 A python library to manipulate kyf formated files. 13 months
markdown-viewer📓 A web markdown viewer/editor : see 2 months
md-attr-parserA node plugin to parse custom HTML attributes 4 months
mesms✉️ A ncusrses utility to manage SMS through gammu 4 months
metag🎵 A ncurses utility to manage ID3 tag of audio files 4 months
mojette🔑 Top secret gouvernemental research 🔒 ㊙️ 6 months
pinkdhcpdUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 4 months
ranger⚙️ ranger's configuration file (Ranger File Manager) 13 months
remark-attrA remark plugin which add support of custom attribbutes to Markdown syntax 6 weeks
remark-line-inputA remark plugin to parse line edit syntax. 12 months
remark-multiple-choiceA remark plugin to manadge multiple choice question. 13 months
remark-seclinkA remark plugin to prevent URI schemes based XSS. 11 months
remark-special-boxA remark plugin to parse special-boxes (WIP) 12 months
remark-text-inputA remark plugin to parse textarea syntax. 13 months
roxterm⚙️ Roxterm configuration files 13 months
synhestesis💯 (WIP) 11 months
todo✔️ A todo utility with a lot of features. 4 months
unfriendInteractive version of an "Unfriend ticket" 10 months
util-script🧰 A set of personal utility 19 hours
vim⚙️ Vim and Neovim configuration repository 13 months
world🌍 13 months