AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-11Fix editHEADmasterache
2020-09-11🎨 Style fixache
2020-09-11Answer SMSache
2020-09-11Call gammu without systemache
2020-07-27Fix confirm send resizeache
2020-07-22Center message previewache
2019-09-18Install instructionsache
2019-09-13Fix search empty bug0.9.0ache
2019-09-13Use default color backgroundache
2019-09-13Fix the over the last bugache
2019-09-13HOME / END in conv featureache
2019-09-13Fix color message bugache
2019-09-13Search in conv featureache
2019-09-07Error when contact file is emptyache
2019-09-07Fix return errorache
2019-09-07Better detect user HOMEache
2019-09-06Oups sms.oache
2019-02-14Runtime helpache
2019-02-11Todo thingsache
2019-02-11Fix editache
2019-02-10Implement circular searchache
2019-02-10Fix search focusache
2019-02-10Manage new messageache
2019-02-08Refesh from inotify (fuck yeah !)ache
2019-02-08Remove unecessary operationsache
2019-02-08Todo thingsache
2019-02-07Ignore empty contactache
2019-02-07Delete contactache
2019-02-07The real UTF-8 problem is the codeache
2019-02-07Write contact list fixache
2019-02-07Fix UTF-8 problemache
2019-02-07Fix order of config paramache
2019-02-06Search for a config fileache
2019-02-06Add or edit contactache
2019-02-06Write contact listache
2019-02-06Debug modeache
2019-02-05No .oache
2019-02-05Fix display glitchache
2019-02-05Add config file managementache
2019-01-24Search functionache
2019-01-24Fix readlineache
2019-01-24readline includeache
2019-01-24Set selected contactache
2019-01-24Search case insensiveache
2019-01-19Don't color the text with the same color as the backgroundache
2019-01-19Stat in contactWindache
2019-01-13Fix clean of contactListache
2019-01-13Fix use of mkstempache
2018-12-20Modify the tmp file from todo to mesmsache