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2019-01-21New eslintrc rules (exceptions)HEADmasterache
2019-01-07Oups where is index.jsache
2018-12-31More testsache
2018-12-31Dist fileache
2018-12-31Use babelache
2018-02-05Merge branch 'master' of srv:git/remark-special-boxache
2018-02-05Add test with AVAache
2018-02-05Add test with AVAache
2018-02-04Add a gitignore fileache
2018-02-04Work on the style guidelineache
2018-02-02Configure XO to use spaceache
2018-02-01Clean of the code with xo linterache
2017-11-29content classNameache
2017-11-26Fix nameache
2017-11-26Init commitache
2017-11-24init commitache
2017-11-23Init commitache